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Maybe Finance, Inc.
TL;DR—I worked as a UI Engineer on contract for Maybe Finance, Inc., where I lead projects, contributed to the design system, and improved processes.

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Leading Projects

Functioned as Project Lead for multiple engineering endeavors; responsible for breaking down engineering tasks based on design and product requirements, lead collaboration between frontend and backend engineering team members to see project through successful completion

Projects Lead

  • Sign Up + Authentication; broke down design + product requirements into digestible engineering tasks, and organized project dependencies, priorities, etc., seeing project through to completion
    • This project replaced a prebuilt AWS Amplify UI with custom state management and workflow, as well as a custom UI
    • After replacing the Amplify UI with our own workflow and state management, I oversaw/reviewed subsequent UI tasks as they were completed by other team members.
    • Flows built: sign up, sign in, password reset
  • Independent marketing web property (not yet launched—I will update this line item once there is a live website + campaign to show 🙂)
    • Built a new, stand alone marketing site for future campaign use
    • Connected site to APIs to load site with user generated content via serverless functions; wrote serverless functions to handle user submissions + validation
    • Animation/transition design + implementation with Framer Motion

Design System

Contributed multiple reusable React components to design system; documented via storybook, covered with tests via Jest + React Testing Library

Components written, documented, and tested

  • Dialog (modal)
  • Tooltip (built on top of popper.js)
  • Trend lines (line charts with markers)

Components contributed to

  • Password input
    • Built requirements popover for dynamic user feedback
    • Updated to use new Tooltip component

Processes + Documentation

Rewrote organization's code review process and code review process documentation; collaborated with engineering team members to iterate on process to reduce average PR Time To Merge (TTM)

Code reviews

Participated in code review and approval for new product features, marketing properties (such as these marketing centric mini-tools), and design system growth/iteration

Core Technologies

  • React
  • Next.js
  • AWS
  • Storybook
  • Jest

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