Royal United Mortgage

Royal United Mortgage
TL;DR—I led design and development for the Royal United Mortgage website. Modern performance with legacy integrations were the primary features for this site, and the desired outcomes were achieved.

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Royal United Mortgage (RUM) needed a new website. Having an often times remotely located average customer on mobile devices (slow connectivity), improving core web vitals was a primary concern for RUM as Element Three assessed their brand and marketing technologies.

An additional outcome of this project was the integration with legacy CRM solutions. There was a long standing, highly compliance regulated CRM in place that was not a negotiable platform.


The solution was to design and build a website that delivered the user experience and marketing + brand value of a modern site, while maintaining content authorship for marketers and providing custom integrations with their legacy CRM.

The technologies used include:

  • React
  • Gatsby
  • Wordpress (with WP GraphQL)
  • Framer Motion
  • Third party integrations

My Role

I was responsible for all of the engineering aspects (architecture, library selections, code reviews, etc.) of the project. After the initial scaffolding of this project, I maintained a design/technical leadership role, managing multiple internal and external engineering and design resources to deliver the end product.



Multiple home lending calculators were needed as a lead generation and user experience improvement. These were designed and built as composable tabs to customize the reusable component from the CMS.

Isolated + Composable

Each calculator was built as a stand alone component, to drive focus to specific calculators for page specific use cases. Below is an example of home refinance calculator being used in a refinancing landing page.

Custom Integrations

Legacy CRM

Royal United Mortgage required a couple of custom, third party integrations to be handled. One in particular is a connection to their legacy CRM software.

Given the headless nature of the website being built with Wordpress, WP GraphQL and Gatsby, we created a custom GraphQL based form handling solution to tie RUM's CRM into form submissions via GraphQL, and push email notifications through via normal Wordpress channels.

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